Blessings, BEloved đź’•

Here is a video and texts to explore and learn more about me and the BEings the ASN (Ascension Seeds Network) I channel.

Living🌻Ascension is a life-long journey...

' Connie@CCStarseeds

About Connie @CCStarseeds

In this video and text down below. I give the abbreviated version of how I got to where I Am today.

I was born in 1962, an open channel to the World of spirits, angels, and other people's emotions.

My earliest memories were seeing angels and ghosts and knowing and feeling what my family members were going through. These unrecognized spiritual gifts caused me great chaos as a child.

In 1980, at age eighteen, I had a psychic spiritual experience after asking for "a personal relationship" with God the Father, Jesus, and Creator. At my earnest and heartfelt request, I saw the Heavens open up, and a man sat there upon a throne with angels and all manner of beasts around him. The man, acknowledged by all as a king, spoke to me, asking me what I wanted. I instinctively asked for wisdom and knowledge. 

I endearingly call the man on the throne—whose Holy Spirit resides in my heart—Heavenly Father, and I believe him to be God, Source, and Creator.

Eventually, I realized and embraced my gifts and now Consciously Channel: 

  • My primary go-to is always my Heavenly Father, God-Source-Creation Creator; all others report through and with his permission, according to the divine plan.
  • The ASN (Ascension Seeds Network) loving, enlightening, higher-dimensional spiritual beings channeling through this physical body of Connie and my higher self, CCStarseeds. 
  • a Spiritual Council of 12
  • a Council of 8 Ascended Masters, 8 meaning an infinite amount.
  • Arch Angels Michael, Metatron, Sandolphone, Ariel, and other angels as called for.
  • My Life-higher-self and over-soul

đź’–CCStarseeds is the spiritual name given to me by my Heavenly Spiritual Guides and, among other things, stands for:

  • Connie & Constance...
  • Constantly Changing...
  • Constantly Challenged...
  • Christ Consciousness... 
  • Connie Consciously Creating Star Seeds of Light and Love—Codes for Awakening and Ascension.

🤗💕While CCStarseeds is my spiritual name, the Ascension Seeds Network and I wanted to share it and encourage others to Consciously Create Star Seeds of Light and Love into their life and soul. BE ~CCStarseeds™

Since acknowledging in 2011 that I had neglected spiritual gifts, I have continued cultivating comprehensive study and training in various forms of Living Ascension. Here are some of the instruments I discovered to assist me in manifesting my authentic self:

  • Texas Licensed Vocational Nurse, 2003-present
  • Reiki Healing & Instructors Certification
  • Certified Hypnotherapist specializing in Past life, Spiritual, and Regression hypnosis 
  • Licensed Minister of Divinity > We are ALL ONE Creation!
  • Master Spiritual Healer Certification with all its courses, practices, and skills (over 30 individual certifications). Here are a few:
  • Tarot and Oracle cards
  • Crystal ball squiring 
  • Crystal healing
  • Dream interpretations
  • Automatic writing
  • Intuitive training
  • Remote Viewing
  • Astral Travel
  • Ceremonial and ritual clearings, healings, and manifestation
  • Herbal and alternative medicines
  • Law of Attraction 
  • Psychic and mediumship training 
  • Chakras and auras energy readings
  • And much more...

I have been blessed to author a few books, find out more about that on the Books Page

What I am doing now:
  • I am building a reservoir of information for the Living Ascension 🌻 Heaven on Earth experience on YouTube@LivingAscension

In the sharings, here and on YouTube @LivingAscension, my team of Spirit Guides has also given me a few directives I should follow to accomplish my soul life goals:

  1. Always be honest, no matter how embarrassing it may be. I come to you just as I am and desire we ALL learn to work through the challenges of daily living while ascending into more spiritual gifts and the understanding of our Spiritual Matters, Karma, Contracts, and Agreements. 
  2. Be yourself; don't be like anybody else you may see in your field. You have a unique message for those destined to Awaken and Ascend. They will find you.
  3. Don't tell them how to be saved; show them the way by sowing lots and lots of Ascension Seeds. Every person/soul will Ascend how and when they are predestined. They are each One Of A Kind! They are each needed to fulfill the whole…

The Ascension Seeds Network is a growing community of High-Vibrational, loving spiritual souls who Intentionally Create Star Seeds of Light and Love for Ascension ~CCStarseeds®.️

The Ascension Seeds Network Llc's mission is to plant and grow Wisdom and Knowledge about being Eternal Beings. 

The messages are passed on and downloaded on many levels through Channeled Messages, Ascension Teaching, DNA Activation Codes, Binaural Tone activations, Meditations, Mantras, Spiritual Hypnosis, Reiki Energetic Healings, Vlogs, Videos, Books, and programs to assist those who want to Create Healing and Activation of Light Codes for Ascension Consciousness. 

BLESSINGS to ALL Ascension-Seeds Network SUPPORTERS... what you sow, reap, and what goes around comes around... 

Your FINANCIAL ASCENSION SEEDS gifts to this ministry are BLESSED back at you FINANCIALLY; ALL Energetic Exchange comes back to you from the Source Creator, Heavenly Father, and the Angels of Light... And ALL the Ascension Seeds Network of Spiritual Guides...and SOW IT IS!!!.